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Cuttington University Science student thesis receives international recognition.

At Cuttington University, students are required to complete a thesis on a specialized topic as part of their academic requirements.

In order to meet said requirement, student Priscilla A. Tetteh who studies Biology and Chemistry at Cuttington, wrote a thesis about the various blood groups of Cuttington University students titled "Distribution of the ABO Blood Group and Rhesus Factor among Cuttington University Undergraduate Students”.

Upon the submission of her thesis to the thesis department, Priscilla's thesis was flagged as one of the best thesis papers for the academic year 2021–2022, following evaluation by the dean and lecturers of the Emmett A.Dennis College of Natural Science.

Due to the massive attention and admiration her work received in the wake of the pronouncement, she was later encouraged by her thesis advisor Mr. Augustine Samorlu, the acting dean of the EA Dennis College of Natural Science, to submit her work to an international publication site.

Priscilla agreed to her advisor's recommendation and worked with him to ensure that her work can serve as an inspiration for young Liberians to write more; in light of the fact that there isn't much information on the internet for Liberians.

Following the required submission procedure, the International Journal of Science and Research approved, certified, and published Priscilla's work. Making her the first female student from Cuttington University and one of the few from Africa to have a thesis published in the IJSR.

Congratulations, Scorpion! We are so proud you!

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