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University of Botswana delegation visits Cuttington University

On August 26, 2022 a delegation from the University of Botswana led by their Vice Chancellor (President), Professor David Norris visited the Cuttington University campus in Suakoko as part of efforts to improve collaboration and partnership between UB and CU. Cuttington University President Dr. Romelle A. Horton welcomed the delegation and reaffirmed the University's dedication to cooperating with UB, a university she is well familiar with, as it is her alma mater. During the meeting with the President and her Cabinet, she was emphatic in stating that collaborating with other African universities is a great step in ensuring that the Continent is developed and transformed. She stressed the need for research, peer to peer review and faculty and student exchanges. Professor Norris for his part agreed with Dr. Horton and stated that “knowledge is key in powering economies worldwide”. He said the University of Botswana was more than ready to facilitate knowledge creation in Liberia as UB is well positioned and resourced to assist in transforming the Liberian education system and look forward to joining forces with Cuttington to achieve that. In addition, Professor Norris was very interested in the Liberia Dental Therapy Program that CU has launched in partnership with Trinity Dental and the Doctoral Programs in Ministry and Theology that will be launched in January 2023. He said the two entities could further collaborate in developing degree programs that could help drive the economy in Liberia, Botswana and Africa. Also highlighted at the meeting was the provision of PhD scholarships which we are urging Cuttingtonians and those seeking post graduate studies to take advantage off. University of Botswana is one of the top 30 most prestigious and competitive universities in Africa, and its alumni hold important positions all over the world as evidenced by Dr. Horton, CU’s first female President.

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