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Cuttington University Graduate Schools


A Higher Level of Learning

One of the most important reasons to go to graduate school lies in the professional skills you will gain, the personal development you will undergo, and the valuable connections you will build with fellow academics and industry experts.

Cuttington University Schools of Graduate and Professional Studies is one of the most innovative and distinctive Graduate Schools in Liberia. In addition to the degrees offered, CU Grad provides the foundations for students who might like to pursue more advanced studies at the doctoral level, for employment in universities, governments, research institutes and business and organizations. As such, the schools seek to strengthen the instructional and research capacity of self-selected agents of change who will shape the human resource capacity of Liberia and the world at large.

So, join us in the pursuit of research in a variety of degree programs that are renowned for academic excellence. We encourage you to explore all degree options in our five Graduate Schools:

School of Business and Public Administration
School of Education
School of Global Affairs and Policy
School of Health Sc
School of Theology 


Dr. Rudolph Bropleh  
Vice President


Dr. Roosevelt G. Jayjay 
Deputy Vice President

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