The Triads are a set of extramural examinations that are geared toward evaluating key competencies in the levels of Freshman, Sophomore & Junior at Cuttington University. Its sole purpose is to validate the instruction-learning process at CU. The Triads provide for academic accountability check between what is expected to be done in light of instruction and what is actually done in light of students’ learning. The Triads, actually, are testing tools used to assess the following competencies: Reading (Comprehension), Writing (Clarity & Structure), Analytical reasoning (Qualitative & Quantitative), and Oral (Presentation-structure & logic). Candidates for a degree must sit and pass the Triads (three sets of exams for the four major competencies) at all levels in order to graduate. Failure to pass the competencies exams or “Triads” will result in the student not graduating. Students will be given as many chances as possible to pass the Triads, for it is a pre-requisite to be considered as a candidate for the degree. The Triads will be administered once every year for the levels of Freshman, Sophomore and Junior.